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Push Sports
India’s New Playground

At Push Sports Arenas Pvt Ltd, we’re not just creating sports facilities; we’re shaping “India’s New Playground” by transforming the grassroots sports ecosystem through innovative, technology-led interventions. Our mission is to mainstream sports education, fostering engagement among students, parents, and schools, and addressing the rising health concerns among youth such as obesity, diabetes, autism, and depression.

Innovating with Technology

Building World-Class Arenas

Our dedication to developing state-of-the-art sports infrastructures across India lays the foundation for our vision of a new, dynamic playground for all.


Structured, Technology-Led Training

Through our diverse curriculum across 10 sports disciplines for the 3 to 19-year age group, we blend expert coaching with technology, nurturing both athletic and life skills in young participants. Our scholarships, career pathway mentoring undertaken by the best of coaches differentiate us from the academy next door.

Gamified Assessment Tools

Revolutionizing the way performance is measured, our gamified assessment tools make sports learning interactive and fun. These tools are designed to engage students actively, encouraging consistent participation and a love for sports.

Digital Assessment Reports

We provide detailed digital assessment reports, leveraging technology to offer insights into a participant’s progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This not only allows for personalized coaching but also enables students and parents to track achievements and set meaningful goals.

Sustainable Ecosystem

Our innovative competitive exposure programmes and pay-to-play offerings ensures our sports facilities are accessible and self-sustaining, promoting a culture of sports participation and growth for professionals and enthusiasts.

Sports For
Healthy Lifestyle

Sport is as old as humanity itself. It’s kept societies fit and healthy while building strong communities and boosting morale. In today’s pandemic stricken world, we have seen first-hand evidence of how important it is to look after both body & mind. For us, the solution was an obvious one. The importance of sports is more relevant than ever. Competitive physical exercise not only motivates children and adults to get outside and keep fit, but it also instills important values

Grassroots Sports

Push Sports is committed to empowering the grassroots sports ecosystem by:

Enhancing School Sports Programs

Integrating our sports curriculum in schools to boost student engagement, improve physical fitness, and support mental health.

Fostering Community Through Sports

Organizing events and leagues that bring communities together, showcasing talent, and celebrating sportsmanship.

Advocating for Health and Wellness

Addressing key health issues through engaging sports activities, contributing to a healthier, happier society.

Scholarship Initiatives

Supporting promising athletes with scholarships to access our programs and facilities, removing financial barriers to sports excellence.

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Working with Push Sports to enhance our after-school academies at Bal Bharati has been subtly transformative. Their support has gently steered improvements in student engagement and the enrichment of our sports programs, nurturing better health and teamwork. Push Sports is subtly shaping the future of sports education in India


Vijay Dua

We are associated with PUSH sports for more than two years and are very happy and satisfied. They are managing after school programs for Cricket, Skating, Basketball and Taekwondo for us. PUSH Management and Coaches are extremely professional and have curated tailor made programs for the kids which has shown great results.


Sanjay Rawat

Great facility, behind the Tata raisina residency. Nice flood lights for evening matches. The ground size is decent and they provide


Ash Singh

I would highly recommend PUSH for professional cricket coaching in Gurgaon. Your hunts stops here for professional


Deepa Nayal

My grandson Akshat is under coaching with Push Academy. Recently I accompained team to Dubai.


Ashutosh Parashar Doe

My grandson Akshat is under coaching with Push Academy. Recently I accompained team to Dubai.

umesh client

Umesh Sharma

Push team provides a very positive and encouraging environment to the learners. Each child gets individual


Meera Piyush Prasad

Amazing sports facility. Love playing cricket here. Even ground, great pitch, excellent lights, unparalled facilities and


Ashish Ranjan

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on This Journey

As “India’s New Playground,” Push Sports invites you to be part of our mission to redefine sports education and participation in India. With the support of our investors and a strategic expansion plan, we are bringing quality sports education and facilities to every corner of the nation.

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